Thursday, 12 May 2016


As you probably know QE2 Activity Centre is a charity and one of our sources of income is charitable donations, so usually when we think of fundraising we are thinking about raising additional income for QE2 Activity Centre.  But we're not totally blinkered.  We know there are many other charities around doing great work.

QE2 Activity Centre is also a community.  It is made up of individuals who use our services, their families, people who volunteer here, people who work here.  Not to mention many friends around the country who have been involved over the past four decades.

It is an ever changing, ever growing community. Last Summer Kerry, our Senior Instructor, became the proud father of Heidi, a sister to Noah;  in December Nick and Jess had their first child, Theo.  And Caroline and I became grandparents. Our daughter gave birth to Lela at the end of November.

Normally my daughter is late for things but on this occasion she was early, about 15 weeks early.  Little Lela was born at 25 weeks gestation weighing less than 2lbs.  This meant that she spent her first four months in hospital and, without being melodramatic, she only made it through because of the amazing work of the staff at Southampton's Princess Anne Hospital's neonatal intensive care unit.

This weekend a group from QE2 Activity Centre took part in Gung Ho! a 5k with added giant inflatable obstacles. Have a look on facebook. They were raising money as they ran, not for the Centre, but to buy equipment for the Princess Anne neonatal ICU.  The target is £3,000 and we're not quite there so there is still time to sponsor.

The team consisted of eight of the guys who are part of the GreenHouse and Team Q day services - Amy, Lenita, Adam, Dan, Nick, Kevin, Thomas and Craig - Centre staff Kerry and me plus former staff member Andy (who organised it) and Beccy Oates. Everyone showed great team spirit, working together and keeping going on the hottest day of the year so far.    

Well done Team QE2.  I, for one, am really proud of you all!

Phil Oates, Centre Manager

Well, we did it.  We reached our £3,000 target.  Thanks to everyone who helped, ran, collected, donated.  Adam and Dan went along to the Princess Anne neonatal unit in Southampton with Lela and her mum and granddad to hand over the cheque.  It was accepted by Lisa, a family care support sister from the Princess Anne, and Lorraine from Ickle Pickles.

Lela is doing fine now, thanks to the amazing support given by the Princess Anne staff in those difficult early days.  We hope that our contribution will help other newborn babies and their families in the future.  Thanks, you guys.

Ickle Pickles Hampshire
Today I met with Phil from the Qe2 Activity Centre who brought along service users Dan and Adam.
The team there took park in the 5k Gung Ho challenge after Phil's granddaughter Lela was cared for at the Princess Anne Neonatal Unit at Southampton.
Lela and mum Abi popped by to help present a cheque to Lisa who is the family care support sister for the unit.
Thank you to all involved for the wonderful donation of £3008.00
This will make a huge difference to the unit.
(Lela also won everyone over with her little cheeky smile and enjoyed cuddles from lots of the team there)